Flix-Fix of the Week: About Time

When I was 16, I tweeted “The best part about movies is that for 90 min you get to escape the horribleness of life and be a part of something greater.” I said this years ago because I had a flair for the dramatic which had been acquired from my father, but I was also dreadfully lonely and did truly want to escape life. Read More

Avengers: Age of Ultra High Expectations

Every generation has movie series that define them. Movies that follow us around and allow us to geek out like no other. In the 70s you had The Godfather and Star Wars. The 80s brought us Back to the Future and Indiana Jones, and in the 90s, Die Hard. For us growing up in this generation, you’d be stupid to say that our series wasn’t the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan, you still find yourself sitting down, watching these heroes and gods kick ass for two hours, and in the end finding yourself pleasantly entertained.

The latest and perhaps most anticipated installment into the Marvel Universe was of course, Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Read More

Top 5 Christoph Waltz Characters

In the recent onslaught of “you gotta see this” movie trailer releases, we got our first real glimpse into the newest James Bond film, Spectre from veteran director of Skyfall, Sam Mendes. Since this was only a trailer, there wasn’t much content to really dig into, but that didn’t stop us fans from losing our minds! 

The biggest question I’ve  been hearing from fans has been: Who is the villain!? With a darkened face we can’t see, and a total of 10 seconds (yes I counted) of screen time, 5 of which is only vocal, it feels like we got cheated on any significant details about the newest (is he new!? I have many theories) Bond villain. Read More