Avengers: Age of Ultra High Expectations

Every generation has movie series that define them. Movies that follow us around and allow us to geek out like no other. In the 70s you had The Godfather and Star Wars. The 80s brought us Back to the Future and Indiana Jones, and in the 90s, Die Hard. For us growing up in this generation, you’d be stupid to say that our series wasn’t the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan, you still find yourself sitting down, watching these heroes and gods kick ass for two hours, and in the end finding yourself pleasantly entertained.

The latest and perhaps most anticipated installment into the Marvel Universe was of course, Avengers: Age of Ultron. I went into this movie without high expectations if I’m honest. Being so many movies deep into the story, I didn’t think Joss Whedon could provide a fresh take on a super hero movie, and I didn’t think I could be surprised. I am here to tell you today however, that I’m so glad I have never been so wrong.

For those of you who have yet to watch the film (which I’m assuming is a large majority since the movie just came out) relax, there will be no major spoilers ahead. Just broad strokes of plot, and opinion. If I do feel like there is the tiniest bit of spoilers, I promise to warn you. Scouts honor (Actually, I never was a scout).

Right from the get go, the movie doesn’t waste a second setting up plot. We are in our first battle within seconds of the film’s commencement. Personally, I was expecting a re-cap of sorts, for those too lazy to go back and watch films, wanting to jump into the summer’s (or is it spring) biggest block buster. However, Whedon has no remorse for such fans, and throughout the movie, does little to offer insight or recap for anyone, or anything. A directorial choice I really respected, because seriously guys, why watch this movie if you haven’t watched the others.

The film is the epitome of entertainment, always offering visually stunning and well choreographed fight sequences, or humorous interactions between our heroes. Its like the screenwriters of all the previous movies sat down and surveyed the audience on all their favorite things: Tony Stark one liners, big battles, pure wit, and euphemisms, and then they stuck to it. It helped having a villain created by Tony, and thusly having his sort of characteristics and dry humor (is this a spoiler, eh cry me a river), but I seriously don’t think I’ve laughed so hard during a movie for a long time, and it was a Marvel Superhero movie. What!? (I just want to say that the greatest line of this movie involves a zucchini. Look out for it.)

The movie’s biggest strength in my eyes, is actually also its biggest weakness. (Does this count as being a cliché if it’s true?) That is of course, the raw amount of superheroes in the film. It’s obvious why it is a strength, I mean, it’s what makes this Cinematic Universe so unbelievably groundbreaking. There isn’t any need for character development because there are literal hours of movies that led to that. We get to just jump right into the thick of things, without any real set up, leaving behind all the losers who haven’t seen everything. However, like I said, that is also my only, (and I do mean only) drawback of the movie, and that is that no hero gets as much screen time, or depth that I’d like them to. I understand that it is literally impossible to have this happen unless it was a nine-hour movie (Okay, that is actually what I want), and that’s just ridiculous. I found myself, however, on multiple occasions, watching battle sequences wondering what was going on with a specific hero, and IF they then actually cut to that heroes whereabouts, it was never a satisfactory amount of time. I wish I could have watched the Hulk just smash robots faces in for an hour, and then cut to everyone else for the regular amount of time, and then BACK to the Hulk for ass kicking. I suppose that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea though.

In the end, this movie delivers on so many levels. The action was there, the jokes were there in ample doses, the believability of the relationship between the Avengers was there, and they also did what I thought they couldn’t; surprise me. 

Here is where I get in to spoiler land, so if you haven’t seen the movie, watch this YouTube video instead. It is one of my favorites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaYtFLGELB8

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What surprised me wasn’t just the actual death of a hero for the first time (seriously long over due), and the introduction of Vision (Paul Bettany I adore you) but the fact that Whedon got me emotionally invested into Hawk-eye and the Black Widow. Never in a million years would I think I could muster a single ounce of care for these characters I viewed as extraneous. They don’t even have powers, or anything enhanced, why the hell are they in the Avengers?? That all changed in this movie. Diving into their back stories a little bit, you find out they aren’t just stock characters, but have depth, and likability. They are funny, and honorable and are deserved of being in the group. This was my personal favorite addition to the overall story arch, which has been dominated by the likes of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Now is the time for the lesser known heroes to shine and show that they to deserve camera time and viewers hearts.

In the end I give this movie a 8.5/10, and will definitely be seeing it again, maybe even in theaters.  I left the theater smiling, and filled to the brim with excitement. Now that phase two has come to a close, I just want the months to fly by so I can watch all the phase 3 films too. This Universe has so much potential, and no where but up to go, and we the fans just get to sit back (in dire anticipation) and reap the rewarding end of quality super hero movies.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you thought in the comments below and be sure to share this post, then come back for more content later in the week. If you don’t i’ll hunt you down… and probably do nothing but seriously, come back.

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